ini archibong — theoracle

artist statement

Ask the universe a question. How will she respond?

We have five concrete channels of reception (senses). We compartmentalize our experiences in order to move ahead without fear. As a society we too often relegate those with “special needs” to the fringe because their walls are less robust. What if the the messages we are to receive don’t fit in tidy boxes? What if the message is too grand to communicate via one channel alone? What if seeming randomness is a code we have yet to decipher? What if an understanding of the “wire-crossed” members of our society could lead to an appreciation of gifts that have been long overlooked. The autistic. The schizophrenic. The bi-polar. The hyperactive and attention deficient. What if they have a message to share that we have for too long ignored because we are incapable of making sense of a language they have been blessed to be capable to understand? These are the questions that led to theoracleTheo- being “of God”. Oracle being the place or medium through which cosmic questions are addressed by a higher consciousness. Step into an experience where blended sensory content is the response to interacting with agency. Your questions. Your actions. Your intent. All of these things are at play when you interact with theoracle. Most important, your actions combined with your fellow questers affect the overall state of the environment. In the end, we all receive one message. A single response to the multitude of inquiries and actions of all involved in the experience. Sound, light, color, materials…vibrations. A message from theoracle.